Latest Publications

Software is a Liquid: The Future of the Cloud

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.52.27 PMThis week I presented a session at Rackspace SOLVE in Los Angeles. I discuss the future of technology, as it pertains to the Cloud. I assert that software is actually a liquid, and explain how containing it can scale. Enjoy!

New Tool: Docker Version Manager

dvmRackspace announced an open source tool called DVM that allows you to quickly and easily switch between docker clients so that you always have the right protocol version to talk to any docker server. This is yet another way to make your experience using Docker even easier. Find out more!

RethinkDB on Carina using Containers

carina-by-rackspaceMy colleague Scott Simpson published a how-to article on his blog explaining how to quickly and easily bring up a RethinkDB cluster on Carina. Check it out!