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In May, I ordered a Clarisonic Mia 2 for my wife as a Mothers Day gift. I placed the order through from seller ANF Sales. It came with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which matters because it does not work properly. When trying to replace it under the terms of the warranty, I learned that the product was actually a fake! The manufacturer refused to honor the product warranty because the lot code printed on the unit (MT13390B) was not one they manufactured.

The vendor would not allow me to return it on-line because the 30-day return window had expired. I used the Amazon on-line chat, and spoke with a representative named Robbie, who was prompt and attentive, and  emailed me a link to an Amazon return shipping label, and offered me a full refund. That’s nice, because I would have issued a fraud chargeback on the credit card payment otherwise.

I’m disappointed that I got a bootleg product, but I’m happy that Amazon did the right thing and agreed to facilitate the return at no cost to me. It was a rather annoying process of spending nearly an hour on the phone on hold waiting for Clarisonic (I had to call back a second time because I ran out of time waiting the first time I called). Perhaps they are swamped by people trying to register fake products. The Clarisonic representative told me it’s been happening to other people as well.

Apparently ANF Sales no longer carries this product. They probably dropped it like a hot potato once they realized they were shipping fakes. I’d love to hear from them to find out the real story.

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  • Patrick Ancillotti says:

    I read some pretty terrible reviews of that stuff on Amazon and some of the other sellers, so I generally avoid 3rd parties. That said, I did end up buying one of those from one of the FamilyHood sites, and I’ve taken to shopping at those sites fairly frequently ( for example), they ship fast, they’re friendly, and reliable.


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