Video of my RED Talk

I recently gave a talk at my local high school in Redondo Beach about my career and life experience. I talk about what careers today earn the most money, and which ones are in highest demand. Watch the YouTube video [part 1][part 2] for the details. RED Talks are put on by Petra Grutzik, a well motivated student at Redondo Union High School. Guest speakers are invited to speak to to students about what they do.

Toward the end of my talk, I polled the audience and learned something new. I asked them who were risk takers, and who wanted job security. About half of the audience responded indicating they would like to own their own company someday and be their own boss. The other half of the audience said they’d like to work for someone else at a job they can depend on. Very interesting! I suggested Entrepreneurship to the risk takers, and ??? (yes, the hottest job today… watch the video) for the ones who want a secure job. I also dispensed advice about what major to declare in college.

I feel very fortunate to have my career. To wake up every day with a smile on my face and do what I love… I feel exceedingly fortunate.

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